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Health and Fitness

Future training

First Aid for You are brilliant and puts the informative forward in an easy way comprehend and to understand. My daughter found the teaching was done in a fun and practical format which made for an interesting day. They were personable and down to earth and present and taught in an engaging format. They made it fun and easy to understand and my daughter's employers will continue to use their service for future training.

This blog was posted Wednesday 21st November 2018 : 10.40 am

Hairdresser Training

My friend introduced her sister to Partners for Training The organisation was perfect for her and offered her training placements fairly quickly. The tutors and staff were also very good and helped her with training and finding her feet. Some of the work was on the job training and the salon was really great. There was a lot of opportunities to discover, new skills and the other people on the course were also really eager and friendly. It was a great atmosphere for her to work and study in.

This blog was posted Tuesday 3rd October 2017 : 09.53 am