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A friendly place

My friends friend was looking for a residential place to go into. Residential care homes in maidenhead were searched and Normanhurst was found. Normanhurst was a lovely care home and the residents were placed in good care there.

This blog was posted Tuesday 25th June 2019 : 12.07 pm

The Green Option

My friend was looking for a garden shed that was eco friendly. My friend came across this site Shop for Garden and found The Green Option. The Green Option was regarding sheds that were created and made from pure northern European wood from managed forests for long life and durability. My friend was very impressed with this option.There was an option devised with this regarding the end of life and the fact that it was then fully recyclable.

This blog was posted Tuesday 11th June 2019 : 09.16 am

Flexibility and Friendliness

My friends Dalmatian loves his group dog walks with K9 Adventures who have been walking him 4 times a week for the last 7 months. My friend sometimes has to work very long shifts so the dog walking services of this company are incredibly useful to her. The walkers let her know how the walk went and how well she interacted with the other dogs. She loves the fact that they have a flexible schedule as her long days vary from week to week as the schedule changes.

This blog was posted Monday 3rd June 2019 : 09.37 am

Would not Consider Anyone Else

A superb job! My sister-in-law cannot recommend the Naked Tiler highly enough. He has done a brilliant job of tiling her two en-suite bathrooms. These guys arrived early and always left the apartment tidy. She said she couldn`t fault the quality of their work. She says she can honestly say she wouldn`t consider using anyone else.

This blog was posted Thursday 30th May 2019 : 12.13 pm

Tidy and Respectful

Ansell Plumbing are very competent and their work speaks for itself. They arrived on time and completed the installation in a day. My uncle found this very impressive. They were hard workers and courteous when in his home. He says he has no hesitations recommending them. He really appreciated the fact that they were tidy workers as it can be a bit daunting letting people into your home but they were very tidy and respectful.

This blog was posted Wednesday 29th May 2019 : 10.59 am

Control of Electricity Use

My business coach was looking for an effective energy system device that would be able to register and monitor electricity. Eco Eye Energy Monitors were installed and implemented to help monitor the control and use of electricity.

This blog was posted Tuesday 14th May 2019 : 10.49 am

Positive word of mouth recommendations

Another great job completed by ASAP Roofing who seem to be very popular in my local area. This roofing company has done work for my brother, and two of my neighbours. They are clearly very good at what they do to have this great word of mouth recommendation going around. This sounds like a reputable firm who demonstrate great workmanship skills and who have earned peoples trust and respect. Highly recommended.

This blog was posted Wednesday 23rd May 2018 : 10.48 am

Excellent workmanship

My partner is exceptionally happy and satisfied with his new roof which was completely re-tiled and transformed over a matter of days. SB Roofing is a highly competent and professional local roofing company who endeavour to provide a fully comprehensive service. They showed excellent workmanship skills and were tidy and considerate workers. Throughout the job, they arrived on time daily and always kept the site clear and were pleasant and professional. The price wasn't too bad either.

This blog was posted Wednesday 16th May 2018 : 03.14 pm

Flue fires a thing of the past

After last years drama of a fire in my friend's chimney flue, she had no worries and reservations about this year's winter fires. She got the problem solved last winter with a great company who, after the breakout of the fire, thoroughly cleaned her chimney flue ready for the winter ahead. A year has passed and her chimney flue is working just as well as the days that followed the professional clean. She is looking forward to more winter evenings with the fire on without the worry of flue fires all thanks to SE Chimney Sweep.

This blog was posted Thursday 16th November 2017 : 11.39 am

Saving money

My daughter and her best friend have just moved in together. It is their first place out of the family home since leaving university. They moved into a partly-furnished place and had most of the white goods ready and waiting for their move-in date. They had been in their flat for about two weeks before deciding to address the state of the oven. My daughter said they were going to put their money together and buy a brand new oven, as they tried removing the stubborn stains themselves but it didn't come up very well. Her friends mum knew a lady who does professional oven cleans. They gave Mrs Ovens a call and they were left stunned at the result. They are so pleased with how clean it turned out and that they saved lots of money.

This blog was posted Wednesday 8th November 2017 : 04.25 pm

Powermax Boiler

My brother's boiler in his flat needed repairing. He left it too long and with no surprise, it ended up giving out on him. Because of the specific make of his boiler, and because it was quite dated, he was concerned how he would find someone who could do the repairs. He came across Sam Mercer Plumbing who was able to fix his Powermax boiler. The job didn't take too long at all and the team were very friendly. Great bunch of guys.

This blog was posted Thursday 5th October 2017 : 02.31 pm