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A Solution

Since using Chem Assist products, my friend who owns a sports bar doesn`t have to worry about blocked urinals. He`s found a solution that works and one which doesn`t break the bank. He highly recommends this product to all.

This blog was posted Thursday 3rd October 2019 : 10.42 am

Two Bedroom House

Thanks to the I need some help website they kindly put my mate in touch with a specialist mortgage advisor who helped her get a mortgage. She is the owner of a new beauty salon and found it hard to prove steady earnings as the business was only two years old. She now has a two bedroom house thanks to the help of this company.

This blog was posted Thursday 27th June 2019 : 11.15 am

Getting Finances in Order

My friend`s company was formed by Dominic Hill in 2010. From the start, they profited from some good VAT advice and action. Dominic Hill helped her to get the finance in order and buy her very own property in a VAT and tax efficient manner.

This blog was posted Thursday 27th June 2019 : 11.01 am

Company Policies

My colleague is a manager of a metal works company who specialise in metal fixtures and fittings. They have been looking for a specialist company that deal with specialist extinguishers. ETC Fire is a devoted trustworthy, family run business in maintenance and servicing fire extinguishers. They abide by the British Kite Mark, approved by BS EN3 standards. They are able to service hose reels, signs, stands and blankets. My colleague has been able to equip the company with water, foam, co≤ dry powder, and wet chemical extinguishers which have been needed!

This blog was posted Tuesday 3rd October 2017 : 12.06 pm

Business Introductions

My husbandís friend introduced him to Ocean Press. He was working on finding a company that would have the experience and expertise in printing materials and styles. He was given a business introduction from a friend who had told him that Ocean Press had been working in the printing industry for over 30 years! He was also told that they were constantly developing new printing techniques and methods that would give the upmost highest standard of finish. He was impressed and did not cease to contact them and hasten to add that he would get a quote from them for his business needs. The quote they gave him was very reasonable!

This blog was posted Tuesday 3rd October 2017 : 10.15 am

Flat Fire

My mum is so pleased that she is insured with Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers. The service they provide really helped her through a trying time. After she had a fire break out in her flat she lost many of her possessions and the friendly staff at Reid Briggs really did help her out when she most needed them. Thanks to them she was able to get coverage for almost all her pricey gear and she was able to replace most of the bits by the time she moved into her new flat. The company were swift and thorough when dealing with her issue. Highly recommend.

This blog was posted Thursday 14th September 2017 : 02.44 pm