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Well appointed rooms

Three of my friends had an overnight stay at Tudor House in Eastbourne when they went to see a show. They said how they were greeted warmly on arrival. The rooms were well appointed and had everything they required for a comfortable stay. One of them mentioned how fab the breakfast choice was and how much variation there was to choose from! They each had a very pleasant stay here and all slept soundly in the comfortable beds here!

This blog was posted Thursday 23rd May 2019 : 09.51 am

Attentive and Welcoming

Never before have my parents had such an enjoyable and pleasant stay. Arden Hotel was THE perfect place for them to enjoy a weekend away together. The amenities, hosts, location and breakfast all excelled their expectations! They returned well rested and full of joy. Tracey and Alan the hosts were most attentive and welcoming.

This blog was posted Friday 17th May 2019 : 12.00 pm

Fantastic booking system

My partner is so relieved and appreciative of the booking system he now uses to manage bookings for his guesthouse. Best Bookings provides a brilliant software which saves him valuable time and earns him easy money. He now takes all bookings from the online booking systems which work very well and the customers seem to be finding it very easy to access and make bookings independently. The reception area is now a more peaceful entrance to the guesthouse, with phone noise kept to a minimum. This also now allows his receptionist to deal with clients face to face instantly without having to stop and take bookings through the phone.

This blog was posted Monday 19th February 2018 : 03.37 pm